Tinder Still Relevant in 2018 ? Check our Test and Review

Tinder is a mobile dating application created in 2012. A true social dating network, Tinder has quickly had tremendous success with single men and women for several reasons.
The use of Tinder is completely free. And that makes all the difference! Of course, paid offers exist as an option to boost your profile, but you do not have to pay to use Tinder: the kind of thing ratherĀ  appreciable! Continue reading

Smartphone addiction: how technology makes us impatient, idiots and stressed

Addict to your smartphone? More and more impatient and passive? Remember to disconnect a little, before becoming totally unable to act.

The world days without laptop (February 6 to 8) intend to highlight a strange evil that we impact more and more, the addiction to “everything connected, all the time and everywhere”. Glued to our smartphones, do we become more and more impatient, even idiots? Continue reading