Smartphone addiction: how technology makes us impatient, idiots and stressed

Addict to your smartphone? More and more impatient and passive? Remember to disconnect a little, before becoming totally unable to act.

The world days without laptop (February 6 to 8) intend to highlight a strange evil that we impact more and more, the addiction to “everything connected, all the time and everywhere”. Glued to our smartphones, do we become more and more impatient, even idiots? Continue reading

Reclaiming your Digital Identity from Social Media

Behind you, on the web, you leave many traces, which form your digital identity. But is it a real “mirror” of yourself, or just a facade?

On the web, you share many things – photos, videos, Facebook statuses, tweets, comments, likes … Whether by narcissism, spontaneity or calculation, you transmit (sometimes unconsciously) information about yourself . Continue reading