The Adult Personals Site doublelist, Legitimate or No?

doublelist presents itself as a very elegant adult personals site where one can post ads to meet new people.  Our team greatly appreciated his experience on this site, which is very easy to use and brings together many profiles of women ready to make beautiful encounters all more sensual ones than the others … Here is an overview of advantages of this platform. Continue reading

The best dating apps in 2018

The hectic pace we face every day makes us more and more busy and gives us less time to go out and meet people. Between work, family or professional imperatives, find the soul mate in 2018 is more and more complicated. Among the many things that improved the technology, we can highlight the fact that the virtualization of love relationships is real thanks to many sites or dating applications.

In recent years, the number of dating applications has grown steadily and their use; you can chat with people, make friends, flirt, meet love or meet one night. These apps are the best way for an active man or woman who has no time to spare but who is looking for love. Continue reading

I tested Bumble App: Tinder’s twin dating app

Here is an application not necessarily well known but which may break in the coming years. Because if it is not yet widely used in France, it already has several million followers across the Atlantic and is likely to experience a meteoric rise shortly.

What is Bumble?

As you might expect, Bumble is a dating app. It was created in 2014 by the co-founder of Tinder Rencontre. It comes straight from the United States, where it already has no less than 9 million users. Continue reading

Tinder Still Relevant in 2018 ? Check our Test and Review

Tinder is a mobile dating application created in 2012. A true social dating network, Tinder has quickly had tremendous success with single men and women for several reasons.
The use of Tinder is completely free. And that makes all the difference! Of course, paid offers exist as an option to boost your profile, but you do not have to pay to use Tinder: the kind of thing rather  appreciable! Continue reading

Smartphone addiction: how technology makes us impatient, idiots and stressed

Addict to your smartphone? More and more impatient and passive? Remember to disconnect a little, before becoming totally unable to act.

The world days without laptop (February 6 to 8) intend to highlight a strange evil that we impact more and more, the addiction to “everything connected, all the time and everywhere”. Glued to our smartphones, do we become more and more impatient, even idiots? Continue reading

Reclaiming your Digital Identity from Social Media

Behind you, on the web, you leave many traces, which form your digital identity. But is it a real “mirror” of yourself, or just a facade?

On the web, you share many things – photos, videos, Facebook statuses, tweets, comments, likes … Whether by narcissism, spontaneity or calculation, you transmit (sometimes unconsciously) information about yourself . Continue reading