I tested Bumble App: Tinder’s twin dating app

Here is an application not necessarily well known but which may break in the coming years. Because if it is not yet widely used in France, it already has several million followers across the Atlantic and is likely to experience a meteoric rise shortly.

What is Bumble?

As you might expect, Bumble is a dating app. It was created in 2014 by the co-founder of Tinder Rencontre. It comes straight from the United States, where it already has no less than 9 million users.

In a 20-minute interview, Whitney Wolfe (Founder of Bumble and co-founder of Tinder) explained that:

“Women have made enormous progress to take the first step and gain control in all other fields of their lives, to find the job, the apartment they want, and the only area where they are selected,” he says. is dating. It is neither healthy nor progressive. And I am convinced that this has negative consequences for the continuation of a possible relationship. ”

That’s why she created this app. To show that women also know how to take the first step in seduction.

Once again it is an application running by geolocation. This one must have some defects because I met a girl living in Baranquilla in Colombia and who has never set foot in France. Like Tinder, you will need an FB account to log in and create your profile.

Bumble means “stammering” or “buzzing, drone”. Its logo seems to tip the balance in favor of the second hypothesis, since it represents a hive. This app will play a little bit with your frustration. And yes if your matches do not connect for 24 hours you will see them fly away.

Bumble interface

Bumble has a better interface than Tinder. On the latter, click on the first picture to see the next by scrolling to the left. Swiper left or right to like or not after clicking again. Which can make you like or not unwanted profiles.

On Bumble, no need to click to scroll the other photos because the scrolling photos is up. And the like by a straight swipe, so no risk of being wrong, which makes it more enjoyable to use because faster with the removal of all these clutter.

If you have accidentally thrown a profile, it is possible to go back by shaking your phone, but you will have a limited number of flashbacks.

How Bumble works

If we were to summarize how Bumble works, we could say that it is the meeting of Tinder and Adopte Dude. Because as on Tinder, it will be necessary that there is a reciprocal attraction to create a match, but that does not stop there.

On Tinder, when there is a match, you can talk to the girl and not here! Indeed, in addition to the match it will be necessary that the girl sends the first message.

When there is a match, it will be placed not in the conversations but in the category “Connections to activate”. You will understand why.

In fact, the girl will have 24 hours to send a message, otherwise the match will disappear. You will then have 24 hours to answer him otherwise, once again, the match will disappear. Once you have sent two messages each, you will not be caught by the time. But if it’s not done you will see a yellow circle appear around the girl’s picture with a countdown showing the remaining hours before the match disappears.

This circle will be yellow at first and red when there is only one hour left. It’s a bit like 24 hours. This is really interesting because it speeds up the potential responses at the beginning of the conversation and you will know that the girl is interested.

You’ll understand it’s up to women to take the first step on Bumble!

You will have the possibility to prolong this match of 24h additional or of unlimited way. But obviously these two features are not free.

We can send messages as on other apps but also images and gifs which can be useful.

The images are displayed in a way that is specific to Bumble, however. They appear in blur with a cursor and you have to stay pressed to see the picture.

Color codes

As mentioned above your games will have a circle whose color will vary. It will change over time and according to your actions. We will decrypt these different colors

Yellow: The circle will automatically turn yellow for 23h when the connection is not activated. A countdown showing hours will also appear. Indicating the time remaining before the affinity disappears.

Red: The color of the circle will change from yellow to red in the last hour. Which means that we enter the critical phase. The countdown will be done here in minutes before the match disappears if there has been no connection activation.

Green: Some profiles appear circled in green and the portrait is blurred. But what is this ? These are so-called BFF connections. For “Best Friend Forever” this serves to make “new friends” but here it does not interest us.

Blue: A blue circle will replace the yellow to indicate that you have extended the connection (if you are a man). This allows you to give the girl 24 hours more to send you a message. And yes we feel the Girl Power effect with this process.

Rose: The pink circle will have the same function as the blue circle. It will allow to extend a non-activated match by 24 hours. With the difference that this time, it is a girl who will have prolonged.

The more you are in a big city and the more you move, the more you will increase the chance of having a match.

Bumble overthrows the codes of seduction

With Bumble is a new wave of sites Girls Power that is born. Whatever the areas of seduction, be it the Street Pick Up (SPU), the Night Pick Up (NPU) or online seduction. In most cases, it is the men who take the first step, who propose the appointment, the time the place. And who take the number or the FB of the girl.

Here we reverse the situation, because if the girl does not take the first step by taking the initiative to send you the first message. Well, there will simply be no interaction. But do not think they will do all the work. You will have to make sure to make him want to see you.
The basics on Bumble

Regarding your profile, once again, two or three carefully chosen photos and a description based on humor will allow you to put all the chances on your side. Attention, the description contains a limited number of characters, so it will have to be short and effective. Because if it is read, it may allow you to get more matches, so put the odds on your side!

Good photos and humor and it’s the touchdown. As on all other dating sites, if you do not know how to show off you will go to the trap and you will have no results.

Another very important thing it will be necessary to leave the mass during your first message. If you do not know how to watch this Martial video to avoid mistakes How to approach a girl on Tinder? Mistakes to avoid ABSOLUTELY. Whatever the site, the mistakes to avoid remain the same.

Bumble is available for free on Google Play and the App Store

Have you tested Bumble? Do not hesitate to tell us what you think in comment!