The best dating apps in 2018

The hectic pace we face every day makes us more and more busy and gives us less time to go out and meet people. Between work, family or professional imperatives, find the soul mate in 2018 is more and more complicated. Among the many things that improved the technology, we can highlight the fact that the virtualization of love relationships is real thanks to many sites or dating applications.

In recent years, the number of dating applications has grown steadily and their use; you can chat with people, make friends, flirt, meet love or meet one night. These apps are the best way for an active man or woman who has no time to spare but who is looking for love.

If you’re looking for a date, an occasional flirtation or the love of your life, you’ll be interested to know which dating app is the best.
The best apps and dating sites to flirt with in 2018

Casual Dating – The best app to meet people

Although the application already has more than 100,000 users, this is the last we heard from the editors! Look at everything you can do:

If you are looking for friendship or a bit of vice this application is for you, there are super nice people and much more open than any other dating site, at least that’s what users say …

This is one of the best chat application, since it includes a whole range of categories of voyeurism, flirting, or just to exchange a few words.If you want to chat with other people, just click on the last chat option and you can chat and find people near you. No matter if you are a boy or a girl, you will have this app in your apps folder for sure.

In this app you can meet singles, flirt with people from your city, have spicy conversations with other guys and girls and even share your mobile camera to do some more intimate things.

Meetic, the oldest dating site

Meetic is a bit of Dean in this top applications and dating sites, the site was created in 2001. It is clearly the most used through the modne and it is very simple because being the most reputable, it There is a much better chance of finding your better half in this app than in any other.

And at the same time, it is the most used application for flirting because it is very intuitive, because it shows you who is close to you and, most importantly, it corresponds (almost) always to the affinity that you can have with a person. The plus is that you can import your Facebook photos directly in one click and not a little more random way on others.

Apart from that, the application and the site are very intuitive and easy to use. It’s fast enough to create your profile, for example, you can import your photos directly from Facebook in one click. It’s an ideal application to find a partner, in these times when you barely have time to meet new people.

PalTalk, the meetings at your fingertips

This application is also very simple to use, you install it, choose a nickname and start chatting. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and if you are looking to make friends online or more if affinities, it is a relatively effective application.

Best of all and different from other applications since “the little plus” is that you have 3 options that other applications do not necessarily have:

Make video calls
Perform voice chats
Textual cats

Paltalk has revolutionized the online dating market. Do you dare to make a video call with an unknown person?

3nder, the most used

When this application to meet people has taken its first steps, it has revolutionized the entire market, thousands of people have started using this application to meet people who have unique characteristics that in fact make it unique.

A very direct flirt application in the way of approaching people through an interface that makes its use very simple.

3nder app is very simple, when you enter the application, you have the option to create an account and put the photos you prefer in your profile. You can login to Facebook, upload your favorite photos and then you can access the section to see the photos of other users, marking with a heart, those you like and with a cross the photos you do not like . Logic.

The “match” occurs when two people like each other, that is, they put on a heart, and it is only at this point that a cat is activated for both.

The idea is that users can meet people who are close geo-local to them, so you can set the maximum distance you want between you and others.

The operation is simple, the main screen shows you images of other people, men or women according to your preferences and on the screen you have two possibilities: swap to the right or to the left. You can also choose between a cross and a heart, with the first you simply pass the image and you will not see that person in the list anymore, with the heart you match and you can talk with the person and start to approach him. As you can see, more than just a meeting, it’s a flirt application.

This is not an application of sexting but many meetings, despite the fact that there is no censorship and that each user is free to use it as he wishes.

It has a version for iPhone and Android, but there is also a Windows Phone port called 6tin, which works the same way.

Gravy, the dating application of 2018

This dating app is not yet available in France but should not delay coming to tickle the big sites of the market because the operation of this application of meeting, is not exclusively oriented on the meeting of people, but to offer places meeting; the added value of the application lies here. Gravy displays a map based on your location different locations or events that you can attend according to your preferences.

The interesting thing about this application is that you can put your mood and shows you events that only fit this one, for example if you’re in a good mood, he can suggest you go for a drink, to see a concert or just to party. It’s a different and very useful application to meet girls and boys because you can meet people in person and not just through the app. This application is ideal for making friends from all over the world.

Available on Android and iOS

Meetup – The meeting app around projects

Unlike other apps to meet people nearby. Meetup is not based on individualism but more on community and group meetings as it focuses on providing a platform for groups of people with similar interests to come together. The attraction of Meetup is that you can precisely create “meetings” in a specific place and involve other people who want and have the same interests.

The idea of ​​dating is great because it eliminates anxiety and fear of meeting only one person, but it brings you to a level where you can make friends with many people with the same interests and see what happens next.

If you need an app to find people around your personal or professional interest points, this is definitely the best option.

Available on Android and iOS

Badoo – the app to chat people around

Application that belongs to the online dating site Badoo, is a classic and one of the most famous applications in its category.

It’s a flirt application that started working as a social network even before mobile phones are used like today, although the features have changed a bit.

With Badoo, you can create an account with your email or log in to Facebook, upload your photos, and have many ways to connect with people around you.

You can play games, which is comparable to Tinder. You mark those you like and those you do not like, but unlike the latter, you can chat directly with them, without necessarily going through a “match.” There are also other options that show users that you meet in the street and are in the app.

Most of the features are free, but you will have to pay if you want some of the benefits, such as showcasing your photos, seeing who visited your profile, who you like, and so on.

With Badoo, you can create a Facebook style profile where you can upload photos, personal information that you want to share with others, such as your size, your marital status, your type of physics, your education, your training centers. interest, etc. It’s really a social network, especially since you can meet people.

It has several interesting functions, one of them called “Encounters”, is similar to Tinder, the system shows you images of other people according to the filters you have selected and you have the possibility to select a person that you like or just mark the cross and you will not see that person for a while.

When there is a match, the system sends you a notification and unblocks the option to start a chat.

You can also choose to chat directly with people, but with a limit per day.

This app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

HAPPN – the geolocation application

It is based on your movements where you walk on the street or in a disco and you meet someone you have flashed but the situation does not talk, and this application promises to remedy this problem.

HAPPN works thanks to the geolocation of its users, it indicates the location of people close to you and warns you when you meet one of them.

The application, like the others, allows you to check if you like the person and if it is mutual, it gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with the other person.

The idea is excellent, but it has only one drawback, everyone does not have a mobile phone on which the application is installed and it is imperative that a connection to data ie a 4G package . Install this app now to flirt, and maybe meet the woman or man of your life.

May be for us the best meeting application of 2018.

Available on iOs and Android