Tinder Still Relevant in 2018 ? Check our Test and Review

Tinder is a mobile dating application created in 2012. A true social dating network, Tinder has quickly had tremendous success with single men and women for several reasons.
The use of Tinder is completely free. And that makes all the difference! Of course, paid offers exist as an option to boost your profile, but you do not have to pay to use Tinder: the kind of thing ratherĀ  appreciable!

Tinder is one of the first mobile dating apps to come into existence. The future of online dating is happening on your smartphone or Iphone.
In a few clicks, you can access the Tinder app as a free download directly from the Android Market (ie Google Play) or the App Store for mobile users who are Apple phones.

Why register and join the Tinder app?

Why register on Tinder and join the app? Why join the Tinder community? Simply because registration on Tinder is free but not only. All its use is free because Tinder is a mobile dating application.
Frankly, for a guy, it changes everything! You make savings. The fact that Tinder is a dating application offers unparalleled comfort because you can see in a few clicks the singles you like next to you, and see if it matches or not.

The ergonomics are very successful, the application Tinder is really very simple and intuitive to use, it’s almost playful.
Its geolocation function increases its interest even more.

With Tinder, we go straight to the point, we start by seeing if it matches or not. Of course the physical is important and comes into play because the visual, that is to say your profile picture is the first thing a single person, man or woman, sees of you, and it is besides the criterion number 1 that will make it will match or not.

Beyond appearances, there is the feeling that comes into play because in a second time, once there has been a match, that is to say that you and the single person you like, you love yourself, then you can start chatting to get more acquainted and share about your life.

Tinder Test and Review

The only flaw in my opinion of Tinder is its addictive side. It’s so well thought out that, if you’re single, you may want to go hunting for new profiles all the time.

What has also greatly contributed to the rapid success of Tinder is that this dating application has experienced an unprecedented buzz in the dating business in my opinion.
Many celebrities have registered on Tinder: some by curiosity, others because they have heard about the dating app that panics the mobile, others by mimicry to test and do the same as others …

Thanks to this application, I was able to discuss and meet a lot of really interesting women. Of course, these girls were very pretty, but they also had really interesting profiles.
By that I mean constructive exchanges. For example, a girl lived temporarily in Bordeaux when she came from the States at the base, another girl was Turkish (it was when I was in Turkey) ..

In short, I really find the concept of Tinder innovative and very well thought out. It is a kind of messenger of the meeting.
If only for the pleasure of exchanging and meeting people from all walks of life, take an interest in their life, it is always rewarding.

Of course, Tinder remains the benchmark of guys who want pecho as on Hug Avenue and girls also looking for a meeting without a future.
Other singles are there just to spend time or have fun.

Tinder is a victim of its success, you will find fake profiles, but overall, it is rather rare. Moderation on Tinder is rather active.

Tinder, how does it work?

Tinder is a mobile dating application for smartphone to download on your Android smartphone or Iphone from the App Store.
Once you have created your account, it’s very simple. All you have to do is fill in your profile with a short or detailed description that highlights you but does not make any more, or you will not be credible.

Then you add the most beautiful profile picture you have to showcase yourself. And you go hunting for games!
You can apply several search filters, including filtering singles near you, within a radius of a few kilometers.

Really very practical this feature!

In the manner of Facebook, you say if you like or do not like. Instead of likes, you click on the green heart-shaped button at the bottom right of the photo.
Otherwise, you click on the red cross on the left of the photo.

If you like, you slide the picture to the right. Otherwise, you drag it to the left. This is called “swipe”.

If you like the woman you like, he can match it, and the chat can open. You can chat together.

An interesting feature of Tinder: if a woman pleases you, but you do not like him, you’ll never know. Likewise if you please a woman who does not please you.
This aspect of Tinder allows to guarantee a certain discretion and to maintain the mystery to arouse the curiosity.

Another interesting fact: on Tinder, you can know which are your Facebook friends present on Tinder, this happened to me several times. For fans of voyeurism, know that Tinder sometimes reserves some surprises!

How to flirt and stand out on Tinder? What is the trick?

There is not really any trick to flirt with Tinder in my opinion, just be yourself. The tips I can give you are: Take the time to properly complete your profile description.
The description of your profile should not be too long (because otherwise singles will be lazy to read everything), or too short (because difficult to know more about you from a simple photo).

Regarding the profile picture, be natural. Put yourself forward, but not too much.

If you are a guy for example, avoid photos showing you shirtless by contracting the abs: it is a serious pity and it shows a great deal of self-confidence.

If you are a girl, avoid taking a photo with your girlfriends. In my opinion, the pictures where we see 3 femmmes above also show a lack of self-confidence, these women do not sit. Personally, I live zape. No interest in hiding.

We’re not on Tinder to hang clothes.

After, flirting with Tinder is mostly about common sense. Guys, be courteous. Do not be heavy, respect the women, talk about their good, be courteous, and everything will be fine.
If you do not think with your cock, your meetings on Tinder should be fine. As much for you as for the girls elsewhere.

Tinder, is it free or paid?

Tinder is a free dating app. In the face of Tinder’s dazzling success with celebrities, the dating app has set up audited accounts, just like on Twitter.

You have paid options to boost your profile and be more visible to the many singles who use Tinder.

You do not need as a guy to necessarily pay to use Tinder properly. If you decide to pay, note that the prices are really cheap, which again makes Tinder a must-have meeting app.

Tinder is a real juggernaut of mobile dating. It even revolutionized the mobile dating industry in my opinion.